Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PLN Network Assignment

PLN Network Assignment
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1.     The RSS feeds I subscribe to Fox News, CNN News, and Discovery News. CNN and Fox give me the latest national news and current events on world issues. With Discovery, I am able to see interesting articles regarding science, history, and technology. I am able to check them all in one location and if an article interests me, I am able to click the link and go directly to that article. I have found RSS feeds to be incredibly convenient.
2.     I had not had a Twitter before signing up for this class. It was easy to navigate and I quickly caught on to how to post tweets and how to follow and retweet others. I have mostly been following those in the history community, such as history teachers and The History Channel, and I am able to learn different things about history and communicate with others who share similar interests with me. I am also able to follow friends and other accounts that have similar interests. The hashtags I usually follow are #education and #history. I have only tweeted once and it was retweeted by a few friends.
3.     The types of articles I have put on my Diigo is technology in the the classom related articles. I will definitely use this program more because it is helpful for research programs and being organized in when I am looking at articles. I learned how to annotate and make notes on articles and how to keep citations organized.
4.     I looked at a discussion group regarding technology in the classroom. The blog wanted to share better ideas on how to gain more knowledge on the upcoming technology that is coming out. Mostly to keep up with her students and make education engaging. I learned that many teachers are seeking out information on how to make their classrooms more tech-savvy. A lot of them bring up the iPad or projects like Prezi. It will be interesting to see how the classroom evolves as they incorporate more technology in the classroom.
5.      My overall experience with the PLN Network was positive. I learned a lot about RSS feeds and how to easily access sites and blogs. I think that also becoming familiar with social networking sites such as twitter will allow me to be able to create a more technologically-savvy classroom where students will be able to have many different methods of learning. 

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