Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reading Reflection 8

In the article, Testing Kurzweil 3000, authors Barbara Green and Joan Thormann give insight on a software called Kurzweil 3000, which is targeted to help aid those with special needs. Kurzweil as a number of different functions including text to speech, voice adjustment, word prediction, note taking, test tools, and other resources for the students. The program was tested in a number of different school settings, including a variety of different aged-students to see how it could benefit them in their learning environments. Graduate students at Lesley University were the ones conducting the research and they looked at ways the program could be improved by listening to teachers and students about what they liked and did not like about the program. What the graduate students saw was a number of benefits from the program. Some of them being that students who had the program were more likely to take tests with their peers rather than having to be placed in a different testing setting. Also, the program encourages independence with the students as well as promoting more critical and higher-order thinking. But there were some issues with the program. Those issues were costs of the program and how well the students would be able to adapt and understand the program.

I think this is a great article that looks at students who would really benefit from technology in the classroom. Kurzweil 3000 will be a tool that can be utilized in classrooms where there are students with special needs. Working with a special needs child regularly, I have seen and heard his frustrations with working in the classroom and I think that this program would really aid him in being able to be more a part of his class and not feel that he cannot participate.

This does not meet ISTE NETS. 

Green, B., & Thormann, J. (2009, March 1). Kurzweil 3000. Learning and Leading with Technology36.


  1. Hi Jaclyn,
    Very nice article, I agree that using technology to help people who REALLY need it is a huge benefit in our modern time. The ability for severely disabled students to use these technology tools to help them make their educational experience and their ability to learn easier is hugely important. The more technologies that are created to help students who cannot function in school normally the better of the school system will be. This will also help teachers because it will facilitate a better line of communication between teacher and student. Great reflection!

  2. Jaclyn,

    This software sounds amazing! I agree with you that it can be frustrating for students with special needs to work in the classroom. This software would really help them communicate with their peers and participate in the classroom. I really enjoyed your article!